XSP: Revolutionizing IT & Cybersecurity Managed Services

Businesses are more reliant on technology now than ever before. A robust and well-kept tech stack ensures that business operations run smoothly, while a strong cybersecurity program protects sensitive data and core infrastructure. In the past, businesses would turn to separate providers for each of these two branches. However, with two independently owned and operated providers, this approach leads to miscommunication, accountability slipping through the cracks of support scope and finger pointing downtime. That’s where an eXtended Service Provider (XSP) comes in. 

What Is An eXtended Service Provider?

An XSP is the bridge between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), combining both under one roof. This innovative approach to IT and cybersecurity services allows for seamless communication between the two, mitigating downtime, enabling quicker response times, and reducing the likelihood of expensive mistakes. The traditional approach of viewing outsourced IT support services and cybersecurity services as separate entities is outdated. Today, IT and cybersecurity are too intricately intertwined to separate from one another without downtime, loss of productivity, and loss of revenue.  

When your system malfunctions, the entire business suffers. Employees are unable to work, customers fail to access online platforms, and your company loses revenue. Meanwhile, your network is vulnerable to cyberattacks, and traditional methods of dealing with cyber threats are no longer adequate. An XSP solves these issues by providing a holistic approach to IT infrastructure management and cybersecurity services. XSPs can provide a range of services, including IT infrastructure, hardware and software support, cybersecurity monitoring, proactive security solutions that support client industry compliance requirements, vulnerability management as a service, cybersecurity assessments, and cyber incident response services. This approach ensures that businesses have access to comprehensive IT and cybersecurity support, with no gaps in coverage. 

What are the Benefits of an XSP?

Less downtime 

Bringing together your outsourced IT support services and cybersecurity teams under one roof enables an XSP to react faster when issues arise, so your business avoids delays caused by collaboration and communication between two separate businesses. The team will quickly analyze the situation with comprehensive visibility to your environment, providing effectve resolution, saving valuable time and resources. With seamless communication, an XSP delivers an immediate and unified response to incidents.  

Strict security standards  

Security is a top priority for an XSP, and they practice strict security standards to protect their clients from cyber threats. They work tirelessly to identify vulnerabilities and implement robust security measures to mitigate risks and hold themselves to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. This not only keeps your business secure but enhances your reputation, as clients will trust that their data is in safe hands. Whereas a traditional IT provider does not have to audit security standards or follow strict protocols to deliver support services to your organization.  

R&D team 

With a security tool-agnostic research and development team, an XSP will use the best tools and solutions available on the market to meet your business’ specific needs. They continuously evaluate new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of emerging threats, not shying away from hundreds of security tools launching every year or the due diligence it takes to ensure a well-renowned tool continues to uphold its standard for high quality. XSPs have their ear to which solutions and strategies are being exploited by threat actors as they learn from frontline incident response experience helping non-managed clients respond to and recover from ransomware.  

Take a security approach to IT with Entara

Being a “security-first” IT solution provider means that Entara prioritizes and integrates security measures at the core of all IT practices and solutions for our clients. If you are looking for a partner to manage or evaluate your security strategy, we are here to support your organization. From security awareness training to backup services to infrastructure monitoring to incident response retainers, you can count on us to protect your organization from cyberthreats. Connect with us today to begin your security journey.


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