What Should You Look for in an Email Security Solution?

Email is a critical tool for many organizations. It is used for a variety of operations, including communicating with coworkers and customers, sending promotional material, verifying account logins through multifactor authentication, and more. However, email presents a significant security risk to organizations, as hackers can use the tool to send malicious content and steal confidential data. An estimated 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent daily, and the figure is growing as threats are getting more sophisticated. As the cyber risks associated with email continue to rise, email security solutions become even more critical as they help mitigate your organization’s risk.

Cyberattacks are most commonly delivered by email, with roughly 90% of data breaches occurring because of a phishing email scam. These emails often contain an attachment that contains malware or a link to malicious sites. Email security solutions are an important part of a developed cybersecurity strategy. Measures such as blocking phishing emails and other threats can help reduce your organization’s exposure to malware, account takeover, and data breaches.

Key Features of Email Security Solutions

1. Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing is a significant cyber threat to businesses, often resulting in malware infections and the loss of credentials and other sensitive data. Email security solutions identify and block emails with malicious links and attachments before they reach the intended recipient.

2. Data Loss Prevention

Organizations commonly use email to exchange information, both internally and externally. With data loss prevention, email security solutions identify and respond to the attempted transmission of intellectual property and other sensitive data to unauthorized parties.

3. Malware Blocking

One of the most common ways of distributing malware is through sending emails with infected attachments. Email security solutions analyze attachments in a secure environment to identify malware and protect users.

4. Content Disarm and Reconstruction

Bad actors will embed malicious code within Microsoft Word and PDF documents. Email security solutions are able to deconstruct a file, excising malicious code, and rebuild the file for transmission.

5. Account Takeover Prevention

Corporate email accounts contain sensitive information and control access to networks and systems. Email security solutions help protect against account takeovers from attackers that try to exploit weak user credentials.

Email Security from Entara

Entara is here to protect your business’ most critical avenue for communication. Through our managed email security solution, we help prevent breaks in business’ continuity and unauthorized data access for our clients. Email security is a foundational step in your cybersecurity journey, and it is critical that your organization takes the step to protect one of the most pervasive and critical tools at their disposal. Connect with us to learn more.

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