What Does It Mean to Provide Excellent IT Service?

It is not unique for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to say they deliver excellent service. But keeping clients happy should not a bonus when working with a service provider – it should be an expectation. Does your provider truly understand what “excellent service” means to different people in your organization?  

As an eXtended Service Provider (XSP), Entara does.

Frustrations of the CEO or Business Leader

CEOs and business leaders prioritize the financial success of their organization. They want an easy, strategic relationship with an IT provider that solves their company’s technology issues tactically and ends any existing interruptions to their business continuity. To a business leader, excellent service also includes proactively finding and alleviating the possibility of future interruptions, eliminating future headaches in the process.

As an XSP, Entara understand who you are now as well as what your business needs in order to grow in the future. Our unique approach brings all your IT and cyber security ops under one roof, which allows us to view your business as one big picture rather than as segmented parts. At Entara, providing excellent service means we get rid of the disconnect traditionally found when employing a separate MSP and MSSP and develop strategic solutions aimed at decreasing risk and reducing costs.

Frustrations of the CIO or CISO

For the CIO or CISO of a company, their top priority is not only to ensure business continuity by avoiding interruptions to their company’s IT service, but to also ensure the security of their organization and their employees’ data. A CIO or CISO requires their IT provider to know what applications are vital to their business as well as how the technology their business uses leaves them vulnerable to cyber security attacks. They need an IT provider that prepares their company for any internal transformations or external factors that can impact how they conduct their business.

As an XSP, Entara offers complete managed security solutions that rely on a robust standards library and carefully vetted security solutions that create accountability and visibility within a client’s organization. While we prioritize security and have strict standards that all clients must adhere to to remain compliant to Entara best practices, we know that balancing usability and security is pivotal to your company’s success. Because of this, we understand excellent service must start with first asking, “What is right for you and your specific business needs?”

We put our decades of experience to use and provide you with a strategic roadmap, spanning three to five years, that outlines how you can prepare for the ever-shifting standards of your industry and any transformation in how you conduct your business. We choose to be security-tool agnostic because we know it is impossible to fit a variety of clients to the same small subset of security tools. At Entara, providing excellent service means we build each client a customized security stack to match their needs as they grow and change.

Frustrations of the IT Managers

IT Managers are in the thick of the day-to-day IT operations of their organization. They are hands-on implementers and the point of contact for your employees when it comes to all things IT. Excellent service to IT Managers entails prompt, detailed communication, structure in the way their IT provider approaches support and access to organized data.  

At Entara, we start addressing the frustrations of IT managers as soon as we begin working with them; our onboarding is easy, structured, and intended to get to know you and what issues you have had with IT support in the past. During our partnership, we work alongside IT managers to keep reactive ticket counts low, respond to issues in a timely manner, and organize the millions of things that are going on in your company as it relates to technology. We keep IT managers informed of both the details and the big picture as we work together to implement products that grow and change alongside your business and its needs. At Entara, providing excellent service means being a true support system for the IT Manager.

The Right Fit

We get it – working with any outside provider can be a pain. There can be communication issues and disconnect between your organizations’ priorities. You need a provider that is not only committed to excellent customer service, but to understanding you and your specific needs. As an XSP, Entara works to address and mitigate the frustrations that those in your organization feel. We prioritize balancing usability with security to not only keep your organization and its information safe in the present, but to support and champion who you are trying to be in the future.  

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