McKaila Posey

McKaila Posey

Cybersecurity Services Manager

McKaila Posey is a senior cybersecurity professional who is passionate about constantly learning about the latest trends in the growing cybersecurity industry. She has a wide range of experience, including Office365 and Azure AD administration, on-premise and cloud incident response, administration and troubleshooting on multiple EDR and AV solutions, Identification and deployment of numerous security solutions, and adapting to different environments for different security needs to identify the best security plan for an organization.

A member of the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) community, McKaila believes that there is no such thing as a “cybersecurity expert,” and that cybersecurity requires constant education and research to stay on top in the industry.

As Entara’s Cybersecurity Services Manager, McKaila strives to create a diverse and proactive team that is prepared to fight the never-ending evolution of cybersecurity threats and keep our clients secure.

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