Fuaad Ahmed

Fuaad Ahmed

Director of Project Management

As the Director of Project Management at Entara, Fuaad Ahmed takes pride in overseeing all project operations within the professional services department across three key portfolios, ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality projects for our clients. With a foundation grounded in 15+ years of experience as a technical engineer and project manager, Fuaad brings a unique perspective to the realm of project management.

Drawing from his extensive technical background of over 8 years as an engineer, Fuaad seamlessly integrates technical expertise into his PMO delivery. Overtime, Fuaad helped create a business model for project management services, allowing us to scale our project management team and contributing significantly to Entara’s growth.

One of his key strengths lies in taking the PMO knowledge acquired over the years and crafting a customized approach for incident response engagements. The hybrid of PMO fundamentals and on-the-ground experience has paved the way to a refined methodology coupled with the robust engineering team, which is the secret behind our incident response success.

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