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Deniz Sagnaklar

Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer at Entara, Deniz Sagnaklar’s goal is to build and nurture relationships so she can better address the needs of partners and clients, transforming Entara’s impact on the market in the process. At the core of Deniz’s approach to growth is trust. She understands that trust is something Entara earns by showcasing our excellence and reliability to our partners and clients.

Throughout Deniz’s career, she has employed her technical expertise and passion for process driven work to enact metric-based operational decisions. She believes that being consistent and inquisitive leads to continuous improvement and greater results for Entara, our clients, and our partners.

Along with her background in software development and specialization in ServiceNow, Deniz formerly held the role of Director of Managed Services at Entara. This experience gives Deniz intimate insights into Entara’s services and how they are delivered as well as the day-to-day pain points of clients. She uses this knowledge to identify key partners and elevate internal processes to evolve Entara’s offerings in line with the shifting needs of clients and the changing threat landscape.

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