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Your business is ever evolving; so should your IT and cybersecurity stack.

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Every aspect of your business should be strategically designed to support your growth, including your IT and cybersecurity operations. At Entara, we offer future-facing, integrated services based on over 20 years of experience and frontline incident response work. Our security standards are interwoven into each of our services and ensure your environment is up and running and secure.

Incident Response Retainer

When an organization experiences a security incident, minutes wasted can mean millions of dollars loss. To lower the cost of recovery and business downtime, Entara’s Incident Response Retainer can be used to guarantee instantaneous access to a best-in-class security incident recovery team. In the event of an incident, our team of experts is at the ready to respond within 5-minutes and immediately begin containment of the breach. Entara has tens of thousands of hours of hands-on incident response work, and through this experience and partnerships with top firms in the IR space, offers a wholistic and flexible retainer service. Entara’s IR Retainer is built to serve organizations of all sizes and industries, regardless of cyber insurance status.

Incident Response

We help companies, inclusive of Fortune 100s, through out the world recover from catastrophic ransomware and advanced persistent threats. Our 24/7 cybersecurity incident response team quickly and efficiently restores companies to operational status by providing recovery and restoration of compromised systems within hours instead of weeks.

eXtended Service Provider

We take a security-first approach to providing cyber security and IT operations that are integrated with innovative IT solutions. We deliver best-in-class services, delivered on the ServiceNow and Forecheck (full lifecycle security incident management) platforms, with fast response times and effective problem-solving skills.

We are setting the bar for what it means to be an eXtended Service Provider

Entara target

We provide the highest level of strategic service.

Strategic vision, agility, discipline, and execution are in our DNA. Our roots are in the demanding electronic trading and financial industry, where milliseconds count and excellence in execution matters.


We are your partner.

We are here to support your company and advise and action on best practices in technology, incident response, and cybersecurity. Entara staffs a 24x7 team of best-in-class professionals who are passionate about what they do and about learning the latest technology trends.

Cybersecurity protection

Our cybersecurity standards are non-negotiable.

Cybersecurity threats to your business are not going to go away, just get worse. That’s why we require all our clients, as well as ourselves, to adhere to strict security standards to keep all parties secure.

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