Road to Secure Pave The Way To Protection with Identity Access Management

In Entara’s second webinar, Road to Secure: Pave the Way to Protection with Identity Access Management, Entara CISO raums and Vice President of Sales & Marketing Aaron Chandler discussed how to implement Identity Access Management (IAM) into your business. IAM is a security and business discipline that helps the right people or machines access the right assets at the right time for the right reasons, while keeping unauthorized access and fraud at bay.  

Identity Access Management includes:

  • Identity  
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Access control
  • Auditing & reporting

Read on or watch the webinar recording to learn more about IAM and how it can protect your business.

Why should your business implement IAM?

Prevent Breaches

Identity Access Management prevents breaches due to the multiple layers of security with password complexity and multifactor authentication (MFA). This security system also leaves less room for human error due to user lifecycles and single sign on tools.  

Limit Blast Radius

Implementing Identity Access Management can be the difference between 1 user being affected versus multiple users, systems, or the entire enterprise due to the multiple layers of security.  

Identity Access Management Tools

There are multiple IAM tools that can be used to monitor who gains access to a business’ environment and protects important assists.  

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a secure, intelligent access solution that reduces the risk of a security breach and bolsters user productivity by allowing access from any device, anywhere. It includes:

  1. Adaptive MFA (AMFA), which protects your most sensitive data and automatically blocks suspicious IP addresses that have attempted identity attacks on other organizations in our customer base.
  1. Adaptive Single Sign-On (ASSO), which is a secure cloud single sign-on solution that simplifies the end-user experience. With ASSO, a single username and password provides users access to all the workplace apps that they require access to.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a security process of using policy-based software and strategies to control who can access sensitive systems and information within your organization, as well as what that person is allowed to do once logged in. PAM incorporates password-rotation and strategies which provide our security team with more granular control and oversight over the actions taken during privileged sessions.

Behavior analytics and Managed IAM Monitoring & Response is a process of monitoring, analyzing, and assessing user behavior patterns to identify anomalies and potential security risks, with an internal or external team to investigate and respond 24/7. This process helps organizations detect unusual activities early that might indicate a security breach, insider threats, or compromised accounts so organizations can take appropriate action to mitigate potential damage.  

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