Plan for the Unpredictable: The Story of XSP

For 20 years, Entara has been a top tier Managed Service Provider (MSP), providing cutting edge solutions and best-in-class customer service to our clients. But as our industry and the world has evolved, so have we. Our internal expertise has shifted to accommodate the support that our clients need and to address the lessons our breach remediation team has learned performing hundreds of hours of remediation work a month.  

More than five years ago I transitioned from the investment world, where I was a client of Entara (formerly YJT Solutions) to become President of Entara. With my 26 years of experience in the financial industry, I knew what people in my former positions were looking for from their MSP and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).  

Over the years, I have watched as the IT and security operations industries have  evolved in response to new threats and factors that influence how we must operate to ensure the business continuity and safety of our clients. As CEO and President, I have led Entara through not only a rebranding, but a reinvention as we continue to develop new strategic offerings for our clients. Each internal shift and external factor influence who we are and who we grow to be. It is because of this that I am excited to lead Entara on its new journey as we break free from the constraints of what an MSP and an MSSP are and develop a new classification: eXtended Service Provider (XSP).  

It’s Time for a New Strategy

XSP was developed because we knew that change in our industry was inevitable. In the last two years, we have seen a serious uptick in breaches and cyber-attacks in our ransom recovery work. With each engagement, we learned more ways to protect our customers and continued to evolve our security posture. It ultimately became apparent that we were evolving into a different space. We no longer were strictly an MSP or an MSSP. We saw that even the market was confused about what it meant to be an MSP versus an MSSP as the lines became more and more blurred. Finally, we concluded that instead of trying to navigate the blurred line, it was time to erase it all together.  

A New Way Forward

Through our work, we have realized a few things about the way the MSP and MSSP industries work:

  • MSPs rarely put into practice the security standards they ask their customers to adhere to—this should be a worrying sign as your risk is increased through your connection to your MSP.
  • Working with an MSP or an MSSP is a risk for companies because they are exposing more variables to their environment, especially when the MSP or MSSP don’t follow their own security standards.
  • There is disconnect between a company’s MSP and MSSP that can cause costly delays and mistakes. This disconnect also allows for finger-pointing and shared accountability when there are security incidents.  
  • MSPs and MSSPs are unregulated, even though they commonly work with regulated companies that must follow strict standards. Because of this, self-regulation is key but not commonly employed.  

As an XSP, we think differently than both MSPs and MSSPs. It is time for our industry to adhere to a new standard that emphasizes accountability and self-regulation. Entara is empowered to plan for the unpredictable in our clients’ environments and follow these standards as an XSP.

Over the next few weeks, we are excited to share the technical standards for being an XSP, how being an XSP makes us different, and what clients can expect from their XSP. Change is inevitable, across every industry. XSP is the solution needed for our clients to be prepared and to stay ahead of the change.  

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us with any questions or to get in touch with the sales team.

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