Members of Entara Featured in Article by Channel Futures

Channel Partners published an article on March 27, 2023, featuring Entara’s CEO and President, Pamela Diaz and Director of Managed Services, Deniz Sagnaklar, who gave a sneak peak into their upcoming session at Channel Partners Conference and Expo session.

The article discussed Entara’s journey from an MSP to an XSP and how it created a new type of provider – the extended service provider (XSP). The article introduced the upcoming session at the Channel Partners Conference, eXtended Service Providers (XSP): The End of Segmented, Unregulated IT and Cybersecurity Services which will be taking place on May 1st in Las Vegas. When asked what attendees will learn at the session, Sagnaklar stated: “We hope that attendees will understand the gravity of the purpose behind XSP and why it is important to have integrated IT and cybersecurity services for not just their clients, but their own businesses. Right now, it seems like even the market is confused about what it means to be an MSP versus an MSSP, as the lines become more and more blurred. Instead of trying to navigate this blurred line, we charge you with helping us erase it all together.”

Further, the article described Entara’s commitment to providing excellent service while maintaining the cybersecurity of both their clients and company. It also detailed the benefits of partnering with an XSP and not having segmented, unregulated services.  “There are many benefits to working with an XSP,” said Sagnaklar.  “First, we make decisions rapidly through open lines of internal communication between our teams, unlike MSPs and MSSPs, which are two separate entities. If a client has a security incident or IT issue, we quickly collaborate across our internal teams to get to a solution.”

The article concluded with detailing how other providers can become an XSP. Though Entara is the first eXtended service provider, it doesn’t intend to be the only and encourages other providers to adopt the business model. “An organization can become an XSP by offering integrated IT and security services and maintaining and requiring stringent cybersecurity standards for their clients and themselves,” said Sagnaklar, “They need to follow CIS controls and map these standards into their solutions. They also need to have 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) monitoring and require microsegmentation, privileged access management (PAM), multifactor authentication (MFA), and regular security assessments, including pen tests, for their clients.” Deniz also described an XSP as a mindset a team should adapt by maintaining security requirements and prioritizing both security and usability.

About Entara

Entara sets the standard as the world’s first eXtended Service Provider (XSP) and delivers exceptional, security-focused IT solutions for their clients, including IT managed services, security integration, and incident response services. Founded in 2001, the organization has evolved to provide the strategic vision, platforms, processes, and people to travel with their clients on the path to their best IT future.

Entara was recognized on the CRN 2022 MSP 500 list in the Security 100 category and is consistently ranked by MSP mentor as a Top 200 Global IT Managed Services provider and Top 100 Global IT Security Managed Services Provider. Entara acts as a true partner to their clients and was also recognized by The Channel Company on the 2022 MES Matters – Key Vendors Serving the Midmarket list. As a core-values focused organization, Entara has proudly been recognized as one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® each year from 2017-2022. For more information, please visit https://www.entaracorp.com/.

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