If Your Business Uses the Cloud, Then You Should Know About Microsegmentation

Cloud networks are now the mainstream, with 90% of companies using a multi-cloud environment as of 2019. Cloud technology makes communication, collaboration, and productivity faster and more efficient. However, with data that’s accessible from anywhere, it opens the door to security risks and cyber threats. Businesses need to be prepared by investing in advanced IT security tactics, such as network microsegmentation. Microsegmentation allows visibility, and actionability, laterally across your network among modern and legacy systems from bare-metal boxes, IoT devices, and cloud instances.  

Benefits of Using Microsegmentation

1. Advanced Threat Protection

Cyber attacks can have lasting, debilitating effects on organizations. Microsegmentation elevates security protections and contains malware that might have bypassed previous protection systems before propagates beyond the initial attack. These controls can prevent data exfiltration and speed up the response and remediation process so that companies can go on virtually uninterrupted.  

2. Regulatory Compliance

Even with every system and protection protocol in place, ensuring regulatory compliance can be a challenge for companies. Microsegmentation  offers granular control of communications with regulated systems, helping companies meet and audit compliance standards effortlessly.

3. Simplified Policy Management

Microsegmentation solutions make it possible to intuitively create granular security policy templates that dictate user and system access to networks, servers, applications, and databases. This removes tedious hours of manual configuration work and simplifies policy management.  

4. Increased Visibility

Microsegmentation provides a more in-depth view of traffic, all in one location. Having centralized visibility strengthens the level of security and improves incident remediation time.

5. Secure Application Access

With increased visibility across remote access points, microsegmentation solutions allow security teams to create flexible policy controls that adapt to the users’ identity, and role. This protects users as they access company data across multiple devices.

Entara Provides Superior Cyber Security Solutions  

Entara can help you improve your cloud computing network security. We offer cloud security integration, including real-time risk assessment, threat detection, investigation and response. Protect your business from hackers and prevent cyber attacks with Entara.

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