Entara Director of Professional Services Featured in Authority Magazine Article

CHICAGO – Authority Magazine, a partner of Medium.com, published an in-depth article interviewing Entara Director of Professional Services, mikeb. The article, titled, “Repelling A Ransomware Attack: mikeb of Entara On The 5 Things You Need To Do To Protect Yourself Or Your Business From A Ransomware Attack,” dives into Mike’s extensive experience in the IT and cybersecurity space, as well as his top tips for companies to help them protect themselves from threat actors and recover from an inevitable ransomware attack.

In the article, Mike talks about how, while the work he and his team does is certainly exciting, he is driven to work hard every day because of the significance and importance of the work Entara does. He states, “what we do is more so a necessity right now because so many companies are being affected by ransomware. The exciting part would be trying to get the word out there and making companies understand that there are some proactive steps you can take to make ransomware a support ticket instead of a business down event.”

Further in the interview, Mike dives into the different forms of ransomware, who needs to be most concerned about a ransomware attack, and the actions businesses need to take to prepare for and survive an inevitable attack.

Mike is an experienced IT Professional in theManaged Services, IT consulting, Financial, and Incident Remediation industries. In his role as the Director of Professional Services at Entara, a security-focused eXtended Service Provider, he has grown the company’s breach remediation practice significantly and led the team through over 120 projects and 45,000 hours of incident response work. Through this work, Mike has become a thought leader in the incident response space and a valued resource for clients and colleagues. He also has expertise in operations and design of sales, services, systems, networks, cloud infrastructure, and data center infrastructure. At Entara, he has managed multiple teams and acted as a key contributor in architecting, designing, and executing solutions for the firm’s clients. Outside of Entara, Mike is a board member of XonaSoftware.

To read the full article on Medium, click here.

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