Entara’s Best Security Strategy Against Cyber Threats – A Layered Approach

Ransomware attacks and other cyber security threats are rampant across all industries, and it is highly likely that your company will be the target of one of these attacks. It is critical that you and your leadership team understand the best security strategy to minimize risk and navigate the fallout of cyber-attacks. Entara has developed the security “swiss cheese” method to help companies navigate their security journey.

What Is the Swiss Cheese Method?

There is no way to guarantee that your company will not be impacted by an advance threat– in fact, it is highly likely that you will be the target of ransomware. It is because of this that we recommend a layered approach to your cyber security strategy to cover the security gaps that a single solution may allow for. This security strategy is called the swiss cheese method. Each slice of cheese represents a layer of protection. The more layers you have, the greater your chance of stopping cyberattacks before they can infect your system and seriously compromise your data, systems, reputation, and wallet.  

The benefits of the swiss cheese model come into play when an attacker gets through one of the “holes” in your first tool. If this happens, there is another layer obstructing them, and so on. No one security solution covers all the avenues that bad actors can take advantage of. This is why a layered approach that covers several points of vulnerabilities is key.  

Your Swiss Cheese Security Stack

The included image of the swiss cheese model is an example of a layered security stack that an organization may follow. It is important to remember that to maintain the safety of your organization, your security stack needs to consistently grow and mature with your business needs. Just as every business is unique, so is each business’ security journey. Deploying tools which lack seamless integrations, tools that require specific expertise, or even too many tools at once may be overwhelming for your team and possibly regressive to your organization’s security journey. This is why we emphasize the importance of following a thoughtful, strategic roadmap that is unique to your organization’s needs.

Key layers to incorporate in your comprehensive security strategy are:  

Putting together these layers helps to secure your organization against today and tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Why Entara Is Your Best Security Strategy

Entara applies the lessons we have learned from over 125,000 hours of incident response work. Our unique perspective allows us to see and solve the vulnerable cracks in our clients’ systems. While it is impossible to reduce the risk of ransomware to zero, we have the power to control the impact of an attack. By applying our recommended, layered security solutions, we can reduce the impact of a ransomware attack from a total shutdown of business functionality to a single support desk ticket.

A security assessment is the first, crucial step in identifying where your organization has gaps in your security strategy. Our audit process and roadmaps are vital for setting goals and planning for obstacles that may arise when implementing new technology. As a one stop shop for all your security needs, Entara is here to support your organization and advise on best practices in technology, incident response, and cyber security.

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