Entara’s AI & Automation to Boost Service Delivery Speed

Chicago Entara, a security-first eXtended Service Provider (XSP), announced new service improvement initiatives that utilize AI in Entara’s service management operations to increase response times for customers and assist employees with manual tasks.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is everywhere in the tech industry and Entara is not one to shy away from innovation. With one of their core values being evolution, the organization understands the importance of keeping up with industry trends. “A technology company that doesn’t incorporate artificial intelligence into its business model is increasingly uncommon in today’s world. Because of our goal to continue to lead the constantly evolving industry, we understood the importance of embracing AI,” said Entara CISO, raums. “A lot of other companies add an AI chat bot to their site to check the box that they have it without stopping to think about how AI and automation can make a real impact on their business and employees. Our strategy was to assess how these tools could be used to support our employees, not replace them. We aimed to identify and implement the most practical AI solutions to address pain points, focusing on enhancing accuracy, streamlining processes, and bolstering security and compliance. We’re approaching AI cautiously but optimistically.”

The recent integration of custom-built AI into Entara’s service management operations marks a significant advancement in how the firm handles a wide range of tasks. Previously, many of their processes required substantial manual input, which could impact service delivery. “Using AI to automate this process not only saves our employees’ time but also allows for our clients to have improved response times to their issues,” said Entara DevSecOps Lead Engineer, Matthew Fitzgerald. With the introduction of AI, Entara has adopted an approach that harnesses insights from several data sources, including call data, ticket data, and their comprehensive internal knowledge base, refined over several years.

To maintain the high standard of accuracy and dependability clients expect from Entara, the firm has implemented a quality assurance system that combines human oversight with their automated processes. This combination of technology and human expertise not only enhances current operations but also positions the firm to incorporate future AI-driven advancements. The privacy and security of Entara’s clients remains the firm’s top priority as they continue to innovate responsibly. “We fully recognize and understand the potential concerns surrounding the use of client data within artificial intelligence initiatives,” said Entara CISO, raums. “To maintain our commitment to security and privacy as we develop internal practices using AI, we will continue to manage all data in-house, with stringent measures in place to ensure sensitive client data is not shared with external third parties for these initiatives.”

This marks the beginning of Entara’s journey with AI, with additional plans on the roadmap to enhance the client and employee experience in the future.

About Entara

Entara sets the standard as the world’s first eXtended Service Provider (XSP) and delivers exceptional, security-first IT solutions for their clients, including managed IT and cybersecurity, incident response, and other professional services. Founded in 2001, the organization has evolved to provide the strategic vision, platforms, processes, and people to travel with their clients on the path to their best IT future.

Entara has been repeatedly recognized by CRN on the MSP 500 list in the Security 100 category as well as on the MES Midmarket 100 list. The organization acts as a true partner to their clients and has also been included on MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSPs list and is in the top 50 MSPs listed in Channel Future’s MSP 501 award. As a core values focused organization, Entara has proudly been recognized on lists for both the Chicago and National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. To learn more about Entara’s service and how we can help you secure your future, please visit https://www.entaracorp.com/.

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