Entara Rebrand: The Value of Real Change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

This famous quote has been linked to Charles Darwin for years, but the truth is that its first known publication was by a Louisiana State University business professor named Leon C. Megginson.  Regardless of whether we are talking about the evolution of a species or the probability of a business flourishing in a changing industry, it is true: those who survive know how to change.

The tough part is that change never comes easily, whether it’s starting an exercise plan or preparing your business for the coming wave of artificial intelligence.  The world around us never stays in the same place…markets, people, competition, trends, politics, technologies, and behavior are always evolving, and those who don’t ride the wave of change run the probable risk of being left behind by small or mighty disruption that often happens fast.

We started 17 years ago as YJT Solutions, ensuring IT uptime to the electronic trading sector.  Our one motto was, “Serve the client.”  That was it.

And serve we did. Through many wonderful client partnerships, we added capabilities over the years to include the full spectrum of services in an IT managed services company, and as a result, our client base and our influence grew many times over from where we started.

Reflection in 2018

However, at the beginning of 2018, inside a robust firm that had just doubled in the prior year, we asked this question:

“What will the best future IT managed services firm look like?”

We allowed ourselves to start with a blank canvas and dream up what would be in that firm.  Here’s what we realized:

  • The days of “break/fix” are over. There will always be systems that break, and we’ll be there to quickly remedy them at warp speed, but our value as a partner firm must go farther.  Much farther.
  • The IT world has changed, and change is only accelerating.  Companies need a partner to help them see around the corner to what’s coming, and then to lay out the progression of logical steps to get to their best future.  They need a future-facing, executable roadmap now more than ever.
  • Change remains difficult, given so many competing and accelerating priorities, and companies need an easier way to adopt new technology faster. To keep pace, they cannot do everything themselves in-house; they need to leverage the best of all toolsets and platforms without having to do the work to implement, maintain, resource, and then replace them a few years later.
  • Companies need a partner who will aggressively commit to solving root issues instead of getting into a “Groundhog Day” syndrome.  Just like the movie where Bill Murray finds himself repeating each day over and over and needs to figure out how to stop the endless cycle, companies today cannot afford to stay in the repetitive loops of fixing the same problems over and over.  They need to keep moving forward faster.
  • Companies need a partner who goes beyond an IT function; they need a partner to fill a business function. Our best value is to be the business partner that helps them leverage pre-built technology to do what they need done – well and fast.
  • And finally, companies are going to need a partner who helps them simplify repeatable business processes, because automation won’t pay off until and unless processes are simplified, sound, and efficient; otherwise, the result is… well, automated inefficiency!

Then, in the early days of 2018, we committed as a team to be this managed services firm that partners with each and every client to create – and help execute — the roadmap to their best IT future.

Enter Entara.

Our new name, Entara, sprang from a combination of “The Hill of Tara” in Ireland, a historically significant high perch offering a 360-degree view of the surrounding lands, and the star Antares, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. In both ways, we created Entara to provide our customers with that high-perch view of IT needs that must get addressed today, what we know are the IT realities of tomorrow, and finally, a clearly-illuminated view of the future we’re all heading toward.  The bright dots above our new name represent the concept of a horizon line taking us from today, through tomorrow, and all the way beyond, illuminating a clear path and our shared destination.

But a new concept, a new name and a new logo is just the beginning of our evolution. We’re providing a future view of where the corporate IT world is heading with a significant reimplementation of our Gartner-leading managed service platform, ServiceNow. We’re now able to offer our clients a fully-managed, pre-built, yet completely customizable ServiceNow platform that can be leveraged as a single system of engagement – bringing the power of simplicity to the fore. And it’s all built to help you on your journey into the future by bringing added process, efficiency, simplification and automation to your company. There’s nothing else like it in the managed services world today, and we’ve created it here at Entara for you.

We are lucky to have some award-winning and highly-accomplished CIOs in our client base. They know the importance of a well-planned, executable journey, and they frequently say this: “We have to be working from our roadmap to the future.”

Here’s to that roadmap, and our journey toward the future, together!

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