Entara Director Featured in Channel Futures

Channel Futures published an article on June 5, 2023, featuring Entara’s Director of Managed Services, Deniz Sagnaklar, focusing on the recent Microsoft Teams and Outlook outages.

The article detailed the recent outage to the Teams and Outlook applications that occurred on June 5, 2023. According to Channel Futures, 18,000 users reported issues with their Microsoft 365 services around 11 am E.T. It caused disruptions to Outlook Web Access and many reported issues with getting emails on their mobile devices. The outage lasted for more than two hours for many users, but some users were still reporting issues with the apps even after Microsoft’s all-clear declaration.

In addition to Teams and Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint were also affected, but the company has given few details as to what caused it. Entara’s Director of Managed Services, denizs, described the steps the Entara team has taken to support its clients during the outage saying, “At this time, we’ve confirmed recovery for affected Microsoft 365 services but will continue to monitor the services to ensure performance stability.”

When asked about the impact that the incident had on Entara clients, Sagnaklar described the benefits of it happening during the work week stating, “We are lucky that the Outlook disruption happened during a weekday as most of our client base works standard business hours from their workstations. If this outage occurred on the weekend when many stay connected through their mobile device, this may have been a larger problem.”

Entara will continue to monitor reports of the outage and any support tickets from our customers. Entara’s IT Help Desk is ready 24×7×365 to provide on-demand support. Using our integrated ServiceNow ITSM platform, we track thousands of tickets a week to a successful, personalized completion.

Our goal is to identify trends and problem areas that can be addressed and permanently solved at your organization. We do this through our ServiceNow platform documentation and ticket classification and through senior engineers dedicated to identify pain points. We work with your team to achieve constant improvement and overall better IT managed services. Connect with us to learn more.

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