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Our Guiding Principles

DEI in Action

Entara is committed to being a diversity leader within the technical services industry, going beyond the status quo to not only create inclusive teams at all levels of our organization, but to pave the way for the next generation of leaders to do the same. We believe that embracing and being enriched by the varied perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of our team serves our mission to Secure Our Future, meaning the future of our clients, employees, our company, and our greater community. This is a future that we can ALL be proud of. But what do these concepts mean to us?  

Diversity: We have built the presence and representation of a wide range of individual characteristics, backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and perspectives within our workforce.

Equity: We have committed to ensuring fairness, accessibility, and impartiality in all aspects of our workforce, to all employees regardless of their respective backgrounds.

Inclusion: We are deliberate and active in engaging all individuals within our organization, thus creating an environment where every member’s contributions, perspectives, and individuality are mindfully celebrated.

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Our Guiding Principles

As a process-driven organization, we know how important it is to create standards to guide our DEI program in order to ensure it continually moves from core concept to reality. We believe our mission can be achieved with the following guiding principles at the forefront:  

  • Create and foster an equitable and inclusive environment that promotes diversity among all team members by encouraging open-mindedness and respect while not tolerating harassment or discrimination.  
  • Build a balanced team that is reflective of the richness in our nation’s population by intentionally crafting opportunities to increase accessibility and by valuing diversity and representation in our hiring decisions and processes.  
  • Conduct holistic recruiting that assesses the whole person without a disproportionate emphasis on automated screening, higher education, or other factors that may not be equally accessible to all segments of the working population.  
  • Support our employees’ involvement in volunteerism and community initiatives by highlighting opportunities, matching donations of dollars or time, and encouraging participation.  
  • Obtain authentic feedback from employees about how well we live out our core values and champion principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion through tools like our Culture Committee, engagement surveys, and open-door policies.  
  • Promote engagement that nurtures a sense of belonging, inclusiveness, and awareness by proactively shaping our training, forums, and initiatives to help employees to learn about, recognize, and celebrate a wide range of history, traditions, viewpoints, and customs.  

DEI in Action

We recognize that in order to be impactful, a DEI mission has to be backed up by actions that support our community and employees. While our program is constantly growing and evolving, here are a few highlights that help illustrate what we’re working on:

Impacting Our Community
We uplift our employees’ involvement in volunteerism by matching the donations our employees make of their dollars or time. Some of the nonprofits our employees proudly support provide:

  • Educational support and programming for children
  • Resources to unhoused LGBTQ+ youth
  • Learning opportunities for girls in STEAM
  • Care for animals in shelters
  • Programming and support for terminally ill children and their families

Building Connections
We strive to engage all individuals within our organization and provide meaningful opportunities to connect.

  • We host a recurring internal show called Entara News as an opportunity to connect with and learn about fellow EntaraCorps members and share what is happening across the organization.
  • Because we are remote-first, we prioritize our annual in-person firm celebration, Entara Day. The event is an opportunity to get face-to-face with our teammates and engage with their guests who are significant to their journey.

Gathering Feedback
We make sure all employees have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

  • The Culture Committee is an employee-led focus group that comes together to collaborate on initiatives aimed at increasing our connections firm-wide and amplifying our inclusive culture across all teams.
  • We host regular all-company meetings, including Leadership Town Halls and a quarterly State of the Company, to create a space for leadership to update employees on company initiatives and answer anonymous employee-submitted questions.
  • We regularly survey our employees to ask for their open and honest feedback.

Celebrating Our Differences
We maintain a flexible time-off program for employees to take the time to recognize holidays that are important to them. We celebrate our diverse employees and their cultural backgrounds through the recognition of federal holidays and cultural heritage months.

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