Vulnerability Assessment Services to Identify Your Current Cybersecurity Posture & Maturity

It’s time to secure your future. Assess your current cybersecurity posture and find out how to reduce business risks with our vulnerability assessment services. 

Each of our assessments are crafted from insights derived from thousands of hours of direct experience in frontline incident response and managed services support.

Cybersecurity Risk & Maturity Assessment

Our cybersecurity risk assessment addresses the gaps in your company’s cybersecurity strategy and reduces risk to improve your overall security maturity, in line with your budget and business goals.

Optimize Cybersecurity Investments

Assess and identify areas within your organization’s current practices to optimize cybersecurity investments and support sustainable growth, both now and in the future.

Easily Navigate Regulatory Landscapes

Deeply analyze your security practices to mitigate risks that could affect your organization’s security posture and cyber insurance premiums. Whether it is part of a strategic periodic review or in response to changes in your industry’s regulation and compliance standards, regularly verifying your security is key to keeping your organization secure.

Actionable Cybersecurity Roadmap

Address identified areas of vulnerability with a detailed cybersecurity roadmap that includes actionable, prioritized insights for remediations and a comprehensive overview to base your organization’s cybersecurity strategy on.

Access to Expert Guidance

If you lack internal cybersecurity resources, extend your IT team’s knowledge by gaining invaluable insights and guidance from Entara’s cybersecurity experts.

Offensive Security Assessment

Identify any potential vulnerabilities within your organization’s digital environment or technical infrastructure, including Active Directory, Azure, AWS, and Microsoft 365. Improve your preparedness and response capabilities for a security incident with full visibility.

In-Depth Security Analysis

Receive a complete review of your Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environments, along with a thorough assessment of existing vulnerabilities, including folder permissions, object remnants, and configuration gaps, to prevent potential breaches to your organization.

Prioritized Remediation Recommendations

Gain access to an executive report detailing urgent and necessary remediation actions, presented in an easy-to-understand, prioritized list to streamline your response efforts.

Targeted Improvement Insights

Obtain critical insights from a point-in-time assessment that identifies key areas for cybersecurity enhancement, helping to refine the configurations of your current tools and strengthen your security posture.

Rapid One Time Vulnerability Scan

While Entara offers Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), a one-time scan can be a great place to start to identify opportunities to improve your security posture within your existing stack and to capture the vulnerabilities currently in your environment at the time of scanning.

Specialized Event & Compliance Scanning

Perform a one-time scan in response to specific events or compliance requirements. Identify and address vulnerabilities while updating configurations and policies within your existing tool stack.

Network & System Analysis

Conduct a detailed inspection of your workstations, servers, web applications, Active Directory, and network appliances to uncover vulnerabilities in your network.

Actionable Remediation Report

Obtain a detailed report that features remediation strategies and prioritized recommendations that reduce vulnerabilities in your environment and provide clear guidance to help you better understand the gaps in your security. 

It’s Time to Secure Your Future

Interested in exploring which cybersecurity assessment is the right fit for you? Get in touch with our team for answers to any questions, expert information, and guidance on your security journey.

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