Network Monitoring & Management

An organization’s network is the cornerstone of its access and connectivity. Effective network management is crucial for maintaining seamless operations within your organization and includes proper configuration of network equipment and connections, monitoring performance metrics, and implementing fault management protocols. Best practices in these tasks are essential for guaranteeing network availability and uptime, enhancing system performance, maintaining compliance, and providing a high-quality experience for your employees. As your organization scales, the role of network management becomes increasingly critical in safeguarding the network’s cybersecurity and bolstering its efficiency. 

Interested in more advanced network management? Check out our microsegmentation service page to learn more about a network security technique that is fundamental to a Zero Trust strategy. 

 Entara Service Features: 

  • Network monitoring to ensure availability and stability, reducing downtime and the associated costs 
  • Process-driven 24x7x365 incident and request management, including robust management of outages with detailed communication, escalation processes, and post resolution root cause analysis 
  • Organized change management to ensure visibility to change history and proactive identification of impact on business  
  • Proactive maintenance, including management of expirations and upgrades  
  • Escalated, process-driven management of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities 
  • Option to act as an extension of an organization’s inhouse IT team and fill skill gaps related to network management 
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