Vulnerability Management as a Service

The cyber threat landscape is constantly shifting, and it is a huge undertaking for your IT team to identify your key vulnerabilities, maintain your organization’s cyber hygiene, and continuously reduce your risk. While not all mitigation measures require sophisticated knowledge or specific experience, they do tend to have one thing in common: they’re time consuming.

There is a seemingly exponential number of vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit as technology and solutions grow — and as soon as you solve for one, a new one crops up. To alleviate the strain on your internal IT team, Entara offers Vulnerability Management as a Service, or VMaaS.  

VMaaS is a long-term service that includes regular scans of your environment, including workstations, servers, and networking appliances, to identify risks and vulnerabilities that may expose your environment to a ransomware or a cyberattack. Through our proven process, we identify, remediate, and report on these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities identified by Entara may be caused by:

  • Updates in systems and software not being correctly patched
  • Zero Day vulnerability exploits
  • Misconfigured security settings
  • Changes in vendor or community security standards

VMaaS is performed by our engineers through a four-step cycle: find, prioritize, fix, and monitor. We use a multifaceted scoring system to identify a vulnerability’s priority and impact on your environment. This allows for a dynamic remediation approach that prioritizes the items most likely to be exploited by an attacker quicker. Once identified, Entara can either provide these reports to your IT team to action and remediate or manage remediations for you, ensuring your environment stays up to date in it’s protections against new and old vulnerabilities alike.

VMaaS remediations are based on block hours. Setting block hours allows Entara to remediate vulnerabilities on a regular cadence while still being conscious of budgets and other limitations. Our team will work with you to estimate block hours and keep you informed of your balance and remediation items to ensure all vulnerabilities are being actioned in a timely manner.

To provide the most flexibility to our clients, Entara offers 3 managed vulnerability service options: unmanaged, managed platform, and managed remediations. Connect with our experienced team to identify the right model for you and your environment based on your organization’s needs and internal capacity.

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