Cloud Monitoring & Management

Any organization with critical functions running in the cloud requires a provider who is specialized in delivering stable and secure cloud management to their business. Comprehensive cloud management services must include 24x7x365 monitoring of performance, stability and security, as well as a proactive component to aid your organization in the expansion of cloud technology in a scalable but cost-effective manner.    

Our customized solutions can lower your business’ cloud computing costs while still allowing you to benefit from the performance, scalability, and resource elasticity of cloud computing. This approach then paves the way to full cloud adoption on a schedule ideal for your business. 

 Entara Service Features: 

  • Support employee productivity by maintaining high-performing, reliable cloud access 
  • Process-driven 24x7x365 incident and request management, including robust management of outages with detailed communication, escalation processes, and post resolution root cause analysis  
  • Organized change management to ensure visibility to change history and proactive identification of impact on business  
  • Recurring proactive audits of configurations executed to identify misalignment with technical best-practices 
  • Quarterly cost analysis reviews for cloud infrastructure, determining if resources are allocated in the most cost-efficient manner, lowering computing costs 
  • Leverage automation to provide predictive analytics to anticipate potential issues, scale for optimal performance, strengthen security measures, and eliminate potential for human error 
  • Meet compliance standards through defined access controls, regular vulnerability management, and 24x7x365 active monitoring 
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