Cybersecurity Assessments & Pentests

Entara has developed several security assessments that result in tangible steps your organization can take to increase your cybersecurity posture and reduce risk for your business. Each assessment is developed based on insights gained from executing thousands of hours of frontline incident response and managed services support. Our penetration testing and assessment services take you from the hypothetical to the actual through exploitation and evidence gathering, giving you tangible information on specific threats.  

Cybersecurity Risk & Maturity Assessment

The goal of the Cybersecurity Risk & Maturity Assessment is to create an action plan that addresses the gaps in your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, reduces your risk, and improves your security maturity, in line with your budget and business goals.  

Growing and developing your organization’s security posture is a continuous journey, rather than a one and done action. The Cybersecurity Risk & Maturity Assessment reviews your organization’s current practices to identify the most important areas you need to focus your cybersecurity investment and growth on at this time. Often conducted as part of a strategic periodic review or in response to a change in your industry’s regulations or compliance standards, we take a deep dive into your existing security practices to identify weaknesses that could affect your security posture as well as your insurance coverage and premiums. At the end of the assessment, we present a cybersecurity roadmap to address identified areas of vulnerability and provide actionable, prioritized insights for remediations, resulting in a comprehensive overview to base your organization’s cybersecurity strategy on.  

Organizations without an internal cybersecurity expert will find the exercise of completing this assessment beneficial as it is an avenue to receive expert guidance. If you are looking for assistance on how to best develop your security posture and advance on your cybersecurity journey, this assessment will help move your goal forward.

Offensive Security Assessment

The goal of the Offensive Security Assessment (OSA) is to identify any potential vulnerabilities within your organization’s environment, including your Active Directory, Azure, AWS, and Microsoft 365, and to improve your preparedness and response capabilities for a security incident.  

An OSA is usually performed in addition to traditional infrastructure penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. It is an in-depth security evaluation where the testers have full visibility and knowledge of the system that they are testing. The objective is to provide a complete review of your Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environment, gather in-depth information on your current security standpoint, and identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could take advantage of to breach your environment. Steps taken may include identifying vulnerable folder and file permissions, object remnants, gaps in configurations, and more.  

The result of the assessment is an executive report providing a breakdown of necessary, urgent remediation recommendations in an easy-to-digest list of prioritized tasks. If you are looking for a point-in-time assessment to understand where to focus your cybersecurity hardening efforts and how to improve the configurations of your current tools to improve your posture, this assessment is right for you.    

Rapid One-Time Vulnerability Scan

The goal of a one-time vulnerability scan is to capture the vulnerabilities in your environment at the point time of scanning. While Entara offers Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS), one-time scan can be a great place to start to identify opportunities to improve your security posture within your existing stack.  

Often done in response to a specific event or as a compliance requirement, a one-time scan will find vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, including updating configurations and policies within your existing tool stack, to harden your security posture. The scan will inspect your workstations, servers, Active Directory, and network appliances to identify vulnerabilities on your network. The result is a report with remediations and recommendations to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your environment, helping you better understand the gaps in your security and move forward on your vulnerability management journey.  


Penetration testing, or pentesting, attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. This service also identifies which flaws pose a threat to the application and measures the severity of each. Pentests are meant to show how damaging a flaw could be in a real attack rather than find every flaw in a system.

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