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Being an eXtended Service Provider (XSP) is more than just marketing speak. It means we offer you a complete, integrated IT and cybersecurity solution backed by frontline incident response work.

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We anticipate your IT and cybersecurity needs before you know what they are.

We are constantly staying informed, upgrading to new tools, learning, and exploring to help us stretch beyond the industry standard. Through over 150,000 hours of frontline cybersecurity incident response work, our expert team is prepared to protect you from the latest ransomware and cyber threats.

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What makes Entara different?


We take on full lifecycle management of security incidents.

Your IT solutions will no longer be disjointed. We integrate what a standard MSP does into the security space, providing proactive security services and preparing you for minimal business interruption during the full incident life cycle.


We continuously research and develop technology and security solutions based on frontline breach experience.

We have frontline experience in breach remediation and recovery, which informs our managed services. We know just how important it is to stay ahead of the latest technologies and ransomware threats, so we put the time in to stay informed.


Our security standards are nonnegotiable.

We understand the risk we pose to our clients and understand the risk our clients pose to us. Because of this, we require all clients to adhere to our same strict security standards in order to mitigate the impact of a breach event on our network of clients. We do not sell managed IT services without integrated cybersecurity services. This is why we are an XSP.


We impose self-regulation.

All of our clients are in regulated industries, so we think it is crazy that our industry is not regulated. Because of this, we choose to voluntarily hold ourselves to CIS standards in order to better protect our clients.

Our Story

Founded in 2001, Entara is an eXtended Service Provider (XSP) focused on providing cutting edge technology and cybersecurity solutions to companies in regulated industries, including the financial sector. With our roots in providing service to the electronic trading market, we are known for growing with the pace of technological change and the developing security needs of our clients. We have redefined ourselves – and our industry – and created a new class of service providers, XSPs, because we recognize that MSPs and MSSPs are no longer what our clients need. Downward pressure from regulators and insurance providers, and frontline incident response experience helping non-manged clients recover from ransomware, convinced us that it was time to integrate our IT and cybersecurity offerings and deliver strategic, future facing solutions for our clients.

We are doubling down on making investments in our future to better serve our clients by:

  • Meticulously evaluating new toolsets and security solutions and selecting and integrating the best ones into our service management platform
  • Putting a larger emphasis on cybersecurity while also evaluating the line between usability and security
  • Hiring tomorrow’s leaders and giving them the opportunities and resources to grow
  • Building a first-class bridge comprised of tools, people, processes, and culture where IT integrates into your business and drives automation and innovation

We firmly believe that our industry is constantly on a journey of change, and we are passionate about staying in front of it. We invite you to journey with us.

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