3 Technology Trends for Law Firms

It cannot be denied that technology is changing rapidly in every industry, including law firms. Many law firms continue to view their IT department as a reactive cost center, responsible for fixing what breaks instead of differentiating themselves from the competition and looking at IT solutions as a proactive force.

Recently, The American Lawyer magazine reported a high correlation between the firms who have significantly invested in technology and top-ranking firms in general. An increase in firms are understanding that better technology means happier associates and better served clients. We assembled 3 technology trends that will help law firms thrive and stay above their competition in 2019.

  1. The Days of Break/Fix Are OverBig things are coming in the world of technology, too big for an internal staff or Managed Service Provider to continue to support. Law firms need to be prepared for the emerging technologies of tomorrow and have a thoughtful plan in place to get to their best future.At Entara, our client IT roadmaps are separated into four categories based on the Gartner model of Run, Grow, Transform – and our newest addition, Secure. Whatever your roadmap looks like, it is essential to have one that will help drive efficiencies and give you a competitive edge.
  2. A “Red Team, Blue Team” Approach to IT Security Security is becoming an increasingly visible for all organizations, especially law firms and the security of their client’s data. The “red team, blue team” approach, a tactic employed by the military to test force-readiness, is a way to determine the level of security maturity that business has reached. Law firms are beginning to realize that they need to invest in IT security to protect their employees and clients.At Entara, we are one of the few vendors saying that one vendor isn’t enough. Law firms are now turning to multiple partners to help support and provide a breakdown of the areas they need secured.
  3. Process Automation that Drive ROIAt the top of the list for most transformational project that law firms are currently undertaking – automation. Simplifying and streamlining basic processes (new employee onboarding, approving billing adjustments, etc.) will drive efficiency, allowing your staff to focus on what matters.At Entara, all of our managed services are provided through EntaraWorks, a Service-Now based platform that leverages clients fully-managed underlying platform.

Key Takeaways: Tomorrow, Today, and Beyond

Today, we are challenging clients to demand more from their IT firm. Tomorrow is the time that you nail down your security strategy with an enterprise-grade solution and begin your journey towards automation. Beyond, is where you will be in the future once all the building blocks are in place, giving you the ability to take change and turn it into opportunities for growth. We refer to the brightly covered dots in our logo as “the horizon,” representing the journey from today, tomorrow and beyond.

Interested in learning more? Download Entara’s new guide: 3 Technology Trends for Law Firms in 2019.

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